Austin Party Packages

BBQ Road Trip

This isn't some corny ass food challenge where you win an oversized t-shirt for eating 80 ounces of overcooked steak. No, this is a grubbing odyssey where you and your boys will sample Texas BBQ served by three of the most well known 'Que joints in the state (Black's, Smitty's and Kreuz's). You'll gorge yourself stupid on ribs, sausage and brisket - a Texas delicacy. You can have a little bit at all three, or go hog wild at one -we're not here to judge. We do ask you to properly haze anyone from your group who starts writing Yelp reviews while you're there or Instagraming every bite of their meal. Shit, back in the 80s, if you took a polaroid shot of your food to show your buddies, they’d lock your ass up in a nut house. Also, make sure you caveman up on a beef rib at Black's. Odds are they don't serve anything like this brontosaurus meatsicle where you're coming from.

You'll also get to check out a slice of the Texas country and historic Lockhart where most of the locals drive a truck for legit reasons, not because they're overcompensating. Swing by Lilly's between BBQ feedings, if you want to see a legit dive bar serving daytime regulars like clockwork and where the only skinny jeans you'll see come with a pair of boots.

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Craft Brewery Tour

Given that most bachelor parties consist primarily of slamming cold bevies until you truly don’t remember what even happened on that epic weekend, it might not surprise you that the Austin Craft Brewery Tour is a top choice of our customers. What group of bros doesn’t like touring a couple of Austin’s finest beer breweries to drink large amounts of that liquid gold, meeting a real “brewmaster” (you wish you could call yourself that), and possibly learn something about how to ferment shit with yeast (not required, but recommended).

Thirst Planet Brewery is located just south of Austin and serves up one of the finest ambers in America – the Yellow Armadillo. Yeah, in Texas, people name beers after local roadkill. Don’t forget to try the Bucket Head IPA while you’re there either (insider tip, you guys). After Thirsty Planet, we’ll take you over to the scenic Jester King Brewery in the Texas Hill Country. Not only can you hoss copious amounts of liquid gold there, but you can grab a table in the grove area, play some corn-hole (note: real men don’t play games unless there is money on the line), and check out local hipster chick babes who like craft brews. Might even be some fine tuned body undergrads rolling around the area. As if that wasn’t enough, they even have an outdoor bar serving other adult refreshments, food, etc. Order a pizza, because you might decide to stay a while if they have live music going.

So, in summary, this package includes a lot of boozing, manly bro stuff, chicks, and potentially live music. Your response should be “Where do I sign?”

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Lake Travis Trip

One of the many perks of living in Austin is the consistently good weather. Another is Lake Travis. Combine the two and it means you can be on the water, peeping chest beefers at play in their natural habitat almost any month of the year, you guys.

Regardless of your group size we'll find a boat that's right for you. Based on our experience it never hurts to have a little extra room to meet and mingle if you tie up next to a fine looking group of locals. The bonus space also comes in handy if one of your pals is the type who likes to shotgun beers until he's face down working on his tan.

Either way, this trip is a classic whether you're coming from some frozen hell hole like Fargo or a town full of women with busted mugs, like Fargo.* Odds are Austin has better weather and women to enjoy it with than wherever you're sitting now.

*Sorry we're not sorry Fargo. Blame the Coen brothers for your bad rep, then come here and tell us Austin isn't better.

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Float the River

Have you and your bros ever done a REAL “river float”? For those of you who might be thinking “Float in a river? That sounds dangerous”. You're right. It is dangerous for your liver... You see, the word river is somewhat misleading as you will really just be sitting in an inner tube (actual inside of a tire from a Texas mack truck) and floating down a really wide creek for hours drinking your favorite bevie of choice and checking out locals in bikinis. If you’re lucky, you find an undergrad sorority having a float party the same day. Not only do UT ladies make the trek down, but the river is actually just south of Austin in San Marcos, where Texas State is located. Lots of talent there as well, they just didn’t have the grades in high school to get into a real college. There are a few light rapids, so make sure you find a trustworthy bro in your crew to tie the icechest tube too. If you lose that, it’s going to be a long afternoon.

Insider tip: BRING MARDI GRAS BEADS. You will be surprised at how many females floating the river and boozing all afternoon will be willing to pull their tops down and give you an eye-full of her feeders for a plastic beaded necklace that costs you 10 cents. You can thank us later.

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Club Tour

Details: Austin has a number of fine gentlemen's establishments. We've been to them all and have the inside scoop.

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Austin Bro Tour

You guys want to spend a few hours seeing some of Austin’s finest sites so you can hop out, take a group photo, and have some evidence for your wives and girlfriends that you didn’t spend 72 hours in the the strip club? We got you covered. It’s up to you to not use your credit card IN the club. (rookie mistake – get cash at the hotel ATM)

One of our Wheelmen will pick you up in style and cruise you around to various Austin landmarks. The Capitol, Soco, famous Austin signs, and local views (just some guy humor). Really up to you guys what you want to do. We can even drop you at a local watering hole in the middle. Might not be necessary if you load up the limo with enough bevies though.

Insider Tip: If you start this activity at 2pm or before, have our Wheelmen run you by Taco Deli for a couple of tacos to-go. Best damn tacos you’ve ever put in your mouth – hands down. Make sure to try the Mexico City Chicken and the Fish Tacos. They close at 3pm every day, because they make so much money by then, they don’t have to stay open for dinner. Think about that. You’re welcome.

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Golf Trip

So, you and your boys are big golfers, huh? We’ve got an inside deal with a couple courses around town so shoot us an email and let us know if you have a course in particular you want to try out. If not, we got options. We keep it tight with the courses that are friendly with bachelor parties.

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Pub Crawl

One of the many reasons Austin is a top bachelor party destination is the many, many local watering holes. There is the Sixth Street Area (aka “Dirty Sixth”), the West Sixth Area, the thriving Rainey Street Area, the hipster East Side, the UT Campus Bar Scene, and even some bars on the water. All with their own Austin twist. Don’t know where to go? You better, because unless you’re planning to stay here a month, you don’t have time to hit them all.

Want to hit the bars with the most beers on tap? The best rooftop patios? The yuppie or hipster scene? Places with the most undergrads? Looking for a little “XXX” outside the gentleman’s club? Want some live music? A little bit of all of it? So many decisions, and you’ve never even spent any time in this damn city... thank the Lord you can rely on a BachelorPartyAustin.COM Wheelman. Just tell them what you want.

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Build Your Own Custom Package

What, our perfectly structured bro-trips aren’t enough? Want to mix an Austin Bro-Tour with a Craft Brewery Tour? Maybe a BBQ Tour followed by a Brewery Tour (pretty aggressive, you guys)? How about an Austin Bro-Tour, followed by a BBQ tour, followed by a Brewery Tour, followed by a strip trip? Now that’s a full day, gentlemen.

Going to a concert at the 360 Amphitheater at the F1 Circuit of the Americas track? No problem. We can make a package that includes that as well.

Give us a call and we’ll have one of our Bachelor Party Veterans help you put together something just right for your crew. You won’t regret it, but if you have an early flight out the following day, you might want to go ahead and move that to the afternoon.

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We Live Here. We Party Here.

Don't be a boner & try to plan the whole bachelor party weekend yourself. Let us hook you up with the local deals, the hottest spots, transportation in style, and a weekend you won't soon forget.

Click on a package above for more details -OR- give us a holler and let us know what type of activities/trouble you're looking to get into and we'll figure out the rest.

About Us

We ARE local Austinites who want to help you party properly while enjoying all that Austin and the Texas Hill Country has to offer. We are NOT a cookie cutter transportation company that simply wants to take your money. We take PRIDE in partying and doing so in style. For these reasons, we work hard to create a truly unique Austin (visceral?) experience for you and your bros.

We can spend a few sentences explaining how long we've lived here, all the raging we've done and all about our connections around town (Surprise! We're Crushing It!). Perhaps you'd like to hear how we've rigorously tested each of these packages to ensure you'll have a boozy good time?

Hell, we could share a story about all the b-parties we've planned and what a nightmare it is to figure out what to do in a strange city. Then we could go into detail on picking a couple of solid activities for each day, calling a bunch of people to make sure they can handle the sausage fest you guys will be packing, and then finding some new options because that one place is out of business or doesn't handle big parties.

After all that we could tell you how we had to call 13 limo companies trying to find somebody who doesn't sound creepy, can pick you up on time, and drive you around in a clean rig that doesn't smell like stale beer or contain any questionable stains. The whole time you're just hoping everything goes off on-time, there's plenty of road bevys and our buddy's cousin who nobody has ever met pays us back for everything.

Or we could tell you to quit wasting all of our time being such a school girl bitch and start telling us how you want to spend your time for this legendary weekend. After all, we used ostensibly correctly in a sentence, so it's not like we're a bunch of mouth breathing, meth monkeys who are going to forget to pick you up or show up late in a primer coated, windowless van because our limo "broke down". Spoiler alert: They probably never had a limo to begin with and you should have deduced that based on their shitty website


Wheelman noun

  1. A professional driver who excel at high performance maneuvering, chase, pursuit, evasion, and high speed driving.
  2. A driver that understands the mechanics of driving as an art form of finesse between the wheel, shifting gears, brake, and throttle control.

Term derived originally from car thiefs which necessitated being able to drive any vehicle (without prior knowledge of it) and driven in a hurry.

You get it. Our Wheelmen are part getaway driver, part handy-man, part Austin tour-guide. These guys know the ins and outs of Austin and are here to make sure you and your compadres are well taken care of while you're in their care.

Whether you need recommendations on where to eat, which bars consistently bring in the talent, or have a "Movie where they kill a stripper" incident, you will be in good hands with our professional wheelmen. These guys are here to help, and have the scars to prove it. They also abide by the BachelorPartyAustin.COM Wheelman Oath: “Hear no Evil. See no Evil. Speak no Evil.” They know when it is best to simply drive.


Yes, due to the number of bachelor parties that we’ve been burned on personally where somebody’s random cousin didn’t pay what he owed, we allow everyone to pay separately so no-one gets screwed. That said, you need paypal (link here) accounts to do this. If you don’t have paypal, get that shit set up. It’s not 1997 – we don’t take hand written checks. We want money direct deposited just like you do. Do bank branches even exist anymore? Please note, at least 75% of funds must be paid online prior to pick up and the remainder at time of pickup.

You know, we contemplated whether or not to put this question on this list. As if this website is not obvious enough, we ENCOURAGE you to bring booze! You are on a bachelor party, right? We can’t be responsible for anyone breaking a key rule of B-Parties: Be holding cold adult bevie at every waking hour. If the laws would allow, we’d load up your transportation with booze but unfortunately, we can’t do that. Talk to your Bachelor Party Veteran about having an ice chest loaded with ice waiting on you for a small fee.

While we very much discourage puking at any time (it’s a sign of weakness), we do understand it happens from time to time on bachelor parties. The Wheelmen do not like when this happens, but they will handle it. There will be a $250 cleaning fee for this mishap (would you clean up puke for free?). Make sure Tommy pays.

Guys, how many times we gotta tell you? We cater to bachelor parties. We know what happens on bachelor parties. We’ve been there. All of our Wheelmen have been through detailed training and sworn the BachelorPartyAustin.COM Wheelman oath: “Hear no Evil. See no Evil. Speak no Evil”. You’re in good hands. If you would like a Wheelman who has also been trained in CPR and other life resuscitation tactics, please let us know in advance.

This is very simple guys. Even drunk Tommy can do it. You simply hold up a Mardi Gras bead in your hand, swing it around to get said females attention, and yell “SHOW US YOUR TITS!”. Don’t forget the mardi gras beads though – see Veteran Tip on River Float.

The most popular tour is a combination of the BBQ tour followed by the Craft Brew Tour. This will essentially take up 6-7 hours of your day and you’ll eat some of Texas’ finest BBQ and drink some excellent Texas Craft Brews. What else could you want in a day?

No, you will still be required to buy beers at the brewery, you cheap bastard. We are well aware that if we did an “all inclusive” package, you and your beer guzzling buddies would drink us right out of business.

Great question. Let us elaborate: Planning bachelor parties is a pain in the ass. What should we do? What do we not want to miss? We need to combine booze, women, and debauchery into one weekend. How do we get there? This all just sounds like a big pain in the ass, right? Don’t mess this up, bro. You’re a grown man, not an event planner (we would hope not, at least). You pay people to do crap like that.

We live in Austin. We eat in Austin. We drink in Austin. We fucking PARTY in Austin. And we’ve planned a shit-ton of bachelor parties. LET US HANDLE IT – WE’RE BACHELOR PARTY PROFESSIONALS.


Help Us, Help You.

Let us know the essential details about your group size, desired activities, and schedule so we can get started setting up the rides, chillin the beers, and callin up the premo babes.

We'll setup the weekend festivities, all you gotta do is sit back & relax.
Sound cool, Kimosabe? -cause it is.